Senior Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts for ages 13 & Up


Get In Shape And Learn Self-Defense With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Take on the most exciting workouts in town with our Adult Martial Arts Classes. We help men and women of all ages and experience levels stay active and have fun while learning vital self-defense skills.

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes are great for all abilities and are the most convenient way to train!

Master Every Element Of Karate With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Never taken a martial arts class before? No problem! Our Adult Martial Arts Classes offer high-energy classes that will keep you excited each and every week. You'll learn how to punch, kick, block, and spar in no time and you'll push your entire body to be leaner and stronger every step of the way.

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes will help you:
  • Burn hundreds of calories and enjoy sustainable weight loss
  • Build lean muscle and develop incredible athleticism
  • Keep you more motivated than ever with high-energy classes
  • Learn "Real World" seld defense techniques, including defense against open hand attack, edged weapons attack, blunt force weapons attack, and basic and advanced firearms attacks.

You will learn all of this under the supervision of our director, who is certified to teach over 10 different martial arts systems and has over 40 years of martial arts training.

PLUS Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Come To You!

That's right! You'll never have to worry about missing a class again. Because instead of having to come to our gym to workout, we're coming to you!

At Hill Country Karate, we take pride in our ability to utilize schools and community centers across New Braunfels, Seguin, and San Marcos, offering high-quality training for an unbelievable price.

With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes, you'll enjoy:

  • Constant feedback and support from our instructors
  • Scaleable exercises that work for all experience levels
  • An incredible sense of accomplishment like never before

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Take advantage of the best Karate instruction in town with Hill Country Karate. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes are perfect for all men and women. While based in New Braunfels we serve the Greater Hill country area from San Antonio to Austin.