"Accept the Challenge"
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exhilaration of victory!
  • HCK Fall Tournament Sunday, October 26th. This is a winners tournament which means all competitors having a Good attitude receive an award. This is a requirement to advance to the next belt level. Click here for flyer & information.. Copy & Paste the link below in your browser for a glimpse of what's it all about...
  • HCK Junior Weapons Camp, Nov. 1st. First time in the history of Hill Country Karate we will host a second Junior Karate Camp in one session. Come join us at Redland Oaks Elem. Gym on November 1st and learn the weapons the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use. This camp counts as 4 class hours, so if you need to make up some hours to rank, here is the fun way to do it. Just click here for all the info. Your instructor will hand out flyers for this event.
  • Click at the top on EVENTS to view the 2014 Calendar of Events. See what's ahead in 2014. Please note that all dates are tentative..............................


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